February 05, 2017
The first time we came, we didn't get to come up because of an event. So this time I made sure to check the Events Calendar

 We usually go on our own (helper and 2 kids) but this round I asked hubby to come along as I know he likes these kinds of view.  I had fears of long queue but it was in fact a breeze. Tip: Don't use elevator going to 4th floor. People are crazy in this building. There are so many escalators but healthy people are fighting for the lifts with those who need it (ie pregnant, disabled or with prams). We took the normal escalator going to 4f. It wasn't tough. From the taxi stand floor just one escalator. From 4f, you can take the lift to the 55f.

We were welcomed by this amazing view!

From our recollection the place looked bigger than the Tokyo's version. 

Paopao had fun with these telescreens.

Mamon, as always, had fun jumping around.

It wasn't 360 degrees. But almost.

A part of it was occupied by the restaurant.

I'm not sure why they blocked the view with these frosted cloud designs but at least the quotes are nice

Come for a visit. With your family or just your partner. It's Valentines ready.

Those are love messages hanging from the ceiling. Pretty sweet.

The place was having Valentines event. Picture perfect indeed!

Here are my loves!

Read more from this poster.

A bonus is the nice gallery at the 4f.

ION Sky was amazing. Maybe one of these days when I have free time I'd come back alone and just sit and relax. Perhaps do some reflections that I so badly need.

FREE admission by the way. So make sure you make it one of your stops when you come to Orchard.

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