The City

February 10, 2017
We attended a birthday party at The City last weekend. (Thanks for the invite Zach @littlezizusmama!)

The City is like ... a mini city. I was a bit disappointed at first that the place looked a bit small... but... it was perfect! It was just the right size of city for kids! I had fun. Kids had fun!

Mamon ran around being a policeman

They had fun playing with the blocks.

Mamon, at one point, actually had an interaction with a staff... I was so happy. See that eye contact!

Even the adults had fun. lol.

Paopao had so much fun shopping!

And drove around as a fire man!

Paopao seemed like a real mailman!

And then Mamon tried the pastry shop!

But at the end of the day, the best job for both is being a surgeon for Mamon

With Paopao being a GP

And the two of them playing together!

And let's not forget it was a birthday party!!! We had so much fun. Thank you Zach! And thank you The City.

Amazing cake Mommy Flo.

I think The City is a very good idea for toddlers. Their party area is just the right size for a small party. And I'm glad they allowed outside food because it tasted so much better than normal caterings.

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