Attap House

March 14, 2017
Number of Pax: 2 adults, 1 toddlers
Order: 2 meals
Total Cost : ~ $13
Official Page:
Location/Branch: Buona Vista

Verdict (1 lowest, 5 highest)
Service : 3
Taste : 3
Cost: 3

Attap House is our go-to place. It's very near the office so it's a good place to go to when it's raining or when you have to catch a quick lunch and don't want salad or sandwich. The food is not amazing though. You know it's pre cooked as the meat are not that soft and seemed to have been heated already. But as I said, it's the nearest. And it's way better than having a microwaved meal from 7-11.

Here's are the top 2 that I have in Attap house

Porkchop. Serving is big.

I personally really like this Hokkien mee.

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