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March 05, 2017
They said that Singapore is an expensive city. Yes it's true. But... Singapore also gives back. Here are some of the places that we have been through that is FREE. Yes. FREE.

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Animal Resort

A hidden farm amongst the housing estates.

Changi Beach 

Sun, sand and sea.

Chinese Garden

Beautiful view. Beautiful architecture.


Do not judge a book by its cover. Outside seems like nothing. But just try going inside Chjmes.

Gardens by the Bay - Children's Garden

These wonderful water play is FREE! It comes with tree house and some swing at the side. Children's garden is definitely one of our favorite in Singapore.

Free. Right in the middle of the shopping district. Who would have thought? Amazing view.

Kallang Wave / National Stadium

Combining the majestic national stadium ambience plus the fun Kallang Wave WaterPlay, this place is really a must visit!

National Museum is a most visit place in Singapore. The place is really very beautiful and they change the exhibits often enough to keep wanting on going back.

It was like a big surprise. My idea of Esplanade just became so much better.

QuaySide Isle

Perfect location for that photoshoot that you sooo wanted. :D

Punggol Jetty

You may cycle, swim, catch fish, run or simply walk.

If you like nature. Come visit. The place is so calm and relaxing.


While not entirely free as you need to pay the train fee (well, you gotta pay for the transport right?!) Sentosa have a lot of things to see inside that are for free. From beaches, to malls, to fun nature walks.

Singapore Art Museum

I wouldn't call it child friendly. But it was a good place to visit. Take picture as much as you want.

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