Garden's by the Bay - Blossom Bliss

March 17, 2017
Event Dates: Mar 3-24, 2017
Opening Hours: 9am till 9pm daily

The Sakura was in full bloom when we went to visit. Of course you can't expectthe same magical feeling as you had when you saw or see it in Japan or Korea. But it was equally beautiful. 

This was the first Sakura tree I saw. Lolz. I thought that was it.

Was glad it wasn't all there was. On the first group of Cherry Blossoms our stroller was not allowed. My Mamon was scared of the music too.

This gate added to the Japanese feel of the place.


The crowd was bearable as we went on a weekday. I wonder what it will be today.

There was a small gap between the 2 exhibits. That's where my Paopao walked liked a boss

And there were more space and cherry blossoms!

Close ups!

Some where losing their flowers.

This bridge cannot be crossed. Lol. It's solely for display. But beautiful right?

And more close ups!

Paopao had fun walking the street of Sakura flowers!

And we stared at more flowers!

While Paopao was minding his own business walking around. Like a boss.

Loving the flowers!

The installation of Japanese huts and other architecture was a welcome addition. It made the place more picture perfect.

See someone is feeling the Japanese vibe.

This is my personal favorite picture of the place.

The view from the top.

My little boss.

With the dragon as a big bonus. Come down dragon, he screamed. I told him, Be careful what you wish for.

Experiencing Sakura in Singapore was amazing! 

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