March 2017

March 01, 2017
Boy am I glad March is here!

I read the Feng Shui that this year is gonna be bad for my zodiac and boy was February really bad!  Emotional cheating is worst than physical cheating. And when the guilty party isn't even feeling guilty then you are left angry. It's basic human feeling. Despite being called inhuman.

I guess I have to go through the basic stages of breakup

But days later. Believe it or not. The anger is subsiding. It's really true that you have to take the higher road. Of course I'm human. I got angry. At some point I wanted to hurt as much as I've been hurt. Then I wanted to forget it and work it out. Then got dumped. Cried. Millions of gallons of tears. Then moved on. Happiness is a choice. And I choose it. I cant force people to choose me or to like or love me. But I can love myself.

And now I'm moving on. Developing myself. Not for anyone but for myself. I choose to ignore the bad vibes. I cannot keep waiting for an apology. I don't need it. I can be happy without it.

To be honest I'm not closing any doors. But I will consciously stop trying to reach out. Because I deserve to respect myself.

If one day I find myself falling for someone else. I will. Because like him I deserve to be happy.

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