Marina Bay Sands

March 15, 2017
Got a package at the Marina Bay Sands for a Premier Room with Garden view for $280. Comes with breakfast. Okay, to be honest, I was disappointed that instead of breakfast they just refunded us $60. Because technically we got 4 breakfast. 2 adults and 2 toddlers (they go free for breakfast). But anyway, I didn't want to spoil the short staycation by arguing.

Spacious bathroom

Comfy bed. Definitely better quality than Festive. Lol. But I hated that alarm! My god! It  rang 3x during the night. Damn.

Comfy sofa.

Nice office space.

No cartoons. I guess this hotel is not family friendly.

Beautiful view! While many would prefer the city view, I liked the garden view. In the evening there was light show at the Gardens. In the morning it gave us the beautiful Sunrise.

My boys and I enjoyed the infinity pool!

Most people though came for photo ops rather than swimming. The girls with make ups and all. Haha. The sunset was beautiful up there. Too bad our camera couldn't do it any justice.

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