Marina Square - Sea of Wonder

March 13, 2017
Had a quick trip to Marina Square to show the boys the balloons exhibition at the Marina Square.
March 10-19, 2017
Central Atrium, Marina Square

Paopao escaped his stroller the minute he got glimpse of the balloons

He kept pointing at the displays. Both curious and eager to share what he's seeing!

The balloons were so beautifully designed with Pororo and Friends as bonus.

The shark was a big hit for my Paopao. He would say.. Biggggggeeeer shark!

Paopao loved the exhibit! Till next year! :)

My Mamon was very scared. He was hugging me the whole time and refused to be put down. I wasn't sure if it was the balloons or the sounds or the people that scared him. He was fine after we left the exhibit. Too much for my little Mamon. Hopefully next time he can enjoy it too. :)

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