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March 09, 2017

Long Term Visit Pass

My boys long PR application was rejected 2 years back. They don't really give reason why so I don't know. I just guess it's because of the cooling off measures that the government is taking against foreigners. The kids are not yet in primary school so it's not that tough yet.

What is tough is remembering to renew their pass yearly. I have to keep remembering it. One time I missed so I got a warning. It wss stressful so I really try to not forget. Last round I renewed too early. About 6 months early haha. Well, it's also no good because you just push the expiry earlier.

Their passes are expiring on July so I figured good time to renew now. Need to book their appointment and all so it will just be around 1-2 months earlier than their expiration.

Permanent Resident

It's a bit tricky remembering every 5 years to renew your re entry permit. I can't put a reminder in my phone because I change phone every 2 years. Can email send reminder? I have to check that out.

So while doing my kids renewal I found out my re entry permit is expiring! Oh crap. I quickly renewed online. (Online Renewal of Re-entry Permit) But was rejected. 😭😭😭

Reason is that it turns out mine is dependent on my hubbys. 😒😒😒

So what can you do but to assist the other half right?


And... dundundun! His Philippine passport is expiring this April!!! He can't renew his re entry permit online. 😣 It was so stressful knowing how dumb the Philippine Passport Renewal is.

I had to book him an appointment through Philippine Embassy appointment system. Where the earliest is June 6! Wahlao! From June you have to wait 2-3 months to get the actual passport. Hello changescamming!

We sent an email to the embassy. They asked for copy of IC, copy of Re entry permit and passport, then agreed to give me a much earlier date on April. He will still be passportless for few days before the appointment date when he would be given temporary extension and renewal of passport.

I DO NOT recommend you call the hotline because it's useless.

By the way, the Philippine embassy is still using gmail. 🤓

Re Entry Permit

Hopeless with the Philippine renewal process we decided to try and ask ICA if we can renew our REP. And yes we got a reply in less than an hour. An appointment (eAppointment) the very next day. And done with the renewal in 15 minutes.

Let's not wonder why Singapore is First World Country and Philippine is still 3rd world. Process wise we are way far behind!

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