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March 27, 2017
313 Orchard Road, 
#B2-50/51, Singapore 238895 
Tel: 6636 8878
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Final Verdict👍

I purchased a GroupOn package for 2 hour facial and massage last Christmas but never got the chance to use it till a few weeks back (Yeah.. this is a late post! Been very busy at work)

#1 I liked that it's convenient to go there from our office. One scenic bus ride at that! I was relaxed even before reaching the place.

#2 I liked that it's in Orchard where I can do many more after the appointment

#3 I liked that they didn't do any hard selling during the treatment (I always dreeeeeaddd that part!). 

#4 I loved the massage! Sooo relaxing. It was also a plus point that the bed was heated so you don't feel uncomfortably cold during the treatment.

#5 The facial was lovely! She was very patient in extracting all those pesky white and black heads! I never had this extraction since the last time I had facial in the Philippines. 

#6 Of course, you gotta go through that required talk after the treatment. But the lady didn't force me into anything. She did make me an offer for package and all. You can take or leave. Personally, I was looking for a  package and the deal she gave me was just what I can afford and was willing to pay. Haha. So yeah I got a package. :)


The package I bought was for facial with eye mask. Steam bath is complimentary.

So on my next visit i decided to try the Steam bath. I wished they oriented me what to do but anyway it was fine. With no tips whatsoever I survived my first session. :)

After the steam bath, they made me wait in a small waiting room with the therapist offering a glass of warm water. I was glad that it wasn't a long wait. :D

Then off I went for my facial. The facial came with shoulder massage and my entire body was complaining. As if they were saying, why just shoulders?! We want massage too. Lol!

It also came with complimentary eyebrow shaping. :)

I ended my spa day with a lovely tea. :)

Have fun and stay beautiful! 💋

When you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream.

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