Castor Oil vs Coconut Oil

April 04, 2017
Indians have beautiful hairs. It's long, shiny and strong. I have always admired and envied it. There are 2 secrets. 

1st is not washing the hair too often. In fact, when I told my Indian colleague that I was my hair 2x in a day she was horrified. She told me she washes her hair at least once a week only. I cannot. I just cannot handle it. Even with dry shampoo and oil. My dandruff would just have party.

2nd is by using oil. Castor or coconut. I asked a couple of Indian friends and they gave me conflicting answers. So what better way is there than try it myself?


A super nice Indian friend actually got me a bottle of Coconut oil from India! How authentic is that?! Lolz. He says he only got it for $2.

Here's my before and after image.

I applied it on dry hair. My middle to the tips. The from roots to the middle. Gentle massage. I leave it in my hair for as long as 2 hours. Then I cover it with regular shower cap. I did this once a week for a month. I smell like Bukayo while it's on me. But it was fine. I shampoo my hair twice to remove all the oiliness. Then voila! I'm done. No conditioner required for a week!

What did I notice? I have less dandruff if not none. My hair is softer and fuller. Move alive it seems. Before coconut oil, I couldn't comb my hair after shower because I feared they will all just fall. But now they are too soft that I can actually use a brush! A brush! Not even a wide comb. How awesome is that!


Ate Meh bought a bottle of Castor oil from Mustafa for $2. It's a smaller bottle than my coconut oil. But the coverage of castor oil is much better than coconut oil. She used half the amount I needed.

Here's her before and after image:
Don't worry. Her hair is really brown. But we did notice a considerable change in hair color. So I guess if you are using hair color castor oil is not a good idea.

She applied it the same way as I did. I like the smell of the coconut oil better (of course haha). But the effects were almost the same.

Ate Meh's frizzy hair became behaved haha. It was so much softer too. Pre-Castor days, she wakes up like a Lion. Hair messy and frizzy and wild. Now she wakes up like a cat. Cute and less wild. haha. She likes to tie her hair so it creates a lump in the hair. With Castor oil, it doesn't form even if you tie your hair often.


We both loved it. I will probably try castor oil once my coconut oil supply is gone. Just to see the effects. My Indian colleagues also said it's good for eyebrow and eyelashes. So let's see.

Ate Meh wants to continue with castor as it has the same effect as coconut oil and is much cheaper (Coconut oil in SG is not cheap).

Hope you find this informative! Stay beautiful! 💋

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. 
- Jenn Proske

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