Customized Birthday Give Away

April 14, 2017
Here's a closer look to the customized give away that I made for Mamon's 4th Birthday.

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First Page is customized with his classmates name. Good thing there's only 6 in their class haha!

Page 2 is a the story of the Terrific Trains. We have been reading this since he was a baby. Before autism, he memorized this book. He even knows where his ears was because of this book.

Counting activity with Goldfish!

Masks (Refer to post below for the customized masks)

Matching Activity

Coloring Activity

Tracing Activity

Label activity

Matching Color activity

I laminated the main page as well as each of the bus/colors.

Sticker fun

Paper craft.

I bought the paper craft from Daiso for $2. It contains 6 animals. :D

And last but not the least Ginger! Ginger never fails to give Mamon a smile!

Missing on the Video above are the following pages:

Cutout mask. I picked different animals per classmate to add to the personalized effect.

We always believe that miracles happen to one in a billion. But we have never thought that we would be among the lucky ones until we have you, our beloved son. Happy Birthday!

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