Mamon's 4th Birthday

April 08, 2017
Mamon's 4th birthday is coming very soon! We won't be having a big celebration. Instead we will just the usual cake cutting at his school and probably dinner at home. (Let's save the money for a trip instead or an outing!)


At first, I was gonna go for Dibo the Gift Dragon theme. He loves Dibo. The problem is getting resources for this theme. It's an old cartoons and there's not much stuff around. Good thing is that he don't watch Dibo as often anymore.

I was planning for Safari Party for Paopao for May. But recently he switched to loving Paw Patrol. 

So having no theme for Dandan and having a ready Safari theme. We switched to Safari for Mamon. Lol. He loves animals anyway.


I have ordered the cake from Sweet Tooth Cake Delights. I got it for $75.

I got the design from Pinterest. I just asked her to add a snake. (Paopao likes Snakes)


I ordered the balloons from AliExpress (Ofcourse buying from ShopBack haha gotta have those rebates!) Got 'em cheap. I think around $2.40 for 10 pieces.

Party Favors

I ordered toddler bags from EZBuy. The bags arrived and they were really pretty. My problem now is how to customize them or at least tag them as Mamon's birthday give away.

I have also prepared customized activity book for his classmates. 

Here's a short video of the activity book. Each title page is customized with his classmates' name.

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip!

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