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April 10, 2017
Read : My First Appointment

I went for my 2nd appointment today. Technically first session as the first appointment was more just a sign up.

Really glad that there was almost no waiting time.  Perhaps because I chose an offpeak hour on a weekday.

I was quickly lead to a small room.

And asked to change in this blue sleeveless shirt.

They provided a small locker.

And slippers

I was feeling scared as it was my first time. But it wasn't scary after all. I didn't feel anything. 

She started by covering my eyes then applying the armpits with cold cleanser.  She shaved it agian (even if I 've already done it yesterday).Then proceed with the laser treatment. I heard 8 zaps on my left armpit and 10 on my right. 

That's it. She applied some cold compress. Then lotion. And we're done.

Sweet, fast and easy.

She booked my next appointment about 2 months later (June), instead of the agreed 3-4 months.

I don't see any immediate effect. Patience will have to be my virtue.

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Have fun! Be beautiful! 💋

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