Musee Platinum Tokyo Review

April 04, 2017
I conquered my fear and enrolled to Musee unlimited underarm IPL plan. I book an appointment online without any expectation (based on other blogs it takes a long time to get an appointment). Surprisingly, i booked on Thu, by Sat someone called me. Sun they called me again to remind me of the appointment. 

On Monday, I went to Musee for the appointment. I waited for a long time though. I came to a point that I actually fell asleep (okay I worked all night the prev night). I think they book you for an hour because of the wait.

They didn't really talk to me. They gave me 2 forms to fill up. Too many things to read for a very sleep girl like myself haha.

Paid $30 for unlimited underarm service. The lady who oriented me said that I will need to come every 3-4 months (contrary to the 2-3 months that I've read in other blogs). I'm a bit disappointed that I wasn't informed by the attendant that paying $38 would mean having unlimited underarm and bikini  line service. Talking to the zendesk now tells me that I will have to pay another $30 if I want to get the bikini line package. They won't change the package now. It's not fair no? Hopefully they do something about it.

My first appointment is booked on the 10th, which is about 7 days after the orientation so it's a bit fast. I was pretty disappointed reading from other blogs that booking is tough. So this fast scheduling is a bit of a relief.

So I'm waiting for that appointment. Will keep you updated on my experience.

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Have fun! Be beautiful! 💋

I love my pillow because it gives me different hair styles everyday.

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