Singapore Philatelic Museum

Location23B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807    
Opening HoursDaily 10AM to 7PM  
Admission FeeFREE (at least for Locals and PR)
Official Site

I wasn't really planning on entering the museum. We were passing by and I thought it would be nice to do some picture taking. Pleased (I should stop saying surprised because it's becoming common) that the admission is free for locals and PR. I decided to bring in Paopao for a quick stop. The boys were both free but I couldn't bring both without bringing in Ate Meh who needs to pay to get in.

Paopao took his time going from door to door.

Looking for the fun corner!

The first floor was not much. In fact, I was like... errr that's it?  Almost bare. But Paopao didn't seem to mind as he busied himself inspecting.

While walking around, I kept thinking about my younger sister who loved collecting stamps when we were younger. It would be so nice to bring her here.

I think there were 2 exhibits in the 1st floor.

LOL. Paopao cried when I forced him for a picture on the Be A Stamp exhibit. 

Wasn't very keen on going to the 2nd floor but Paopao was asking, "where are the chickens?" Lol. He saw the poster outside the museum.

In the 2nd floor, there more local heritage exhibits

Room of Rarities

Paopao continue his door to door survey

This is what this museum is about. Mail posts. :D

When we went up, wow! Harry Potter exhibit! Quickly I bought ticket for Ate Meh to join us. Uncle was sooooo nice! He charged us $6 instead of $8. Thank you Uncle!

Here's the Harry Potter exhibit to feast your eyes!

Paopao got scared of the snake

Welcome to Hogwarts

I think some movie memorabilia

Lego image of the town

I bet Ate Meh wishes she can wear this. Haha.


Some Harry Potter merchandise

He has a bit hidden. But nothing escapes our eyes! :D

Perfect Photo Spots!

Wanna try riding the broom?

Will a Harry Potter exhibit be every complete without 9 3/4 platform?

The posters were probably just TV. But still, there were amusing. :D

Pick your wand

And don't get lost.

While Ate Meh and myself had so much fun at the Harry Potter museum, the boys had a different thing in mind. They loved the exhibit next door: Chicken and Egg: A Fowl's Tale.

The boys had so much fun cooking and playing with the toy veggies

While Paopao continued cooking

Mamon got tired and decided to take a rest outside the exhibits.

Thank you Singapore Philatelic Museum! We will be back again! 

Over all, we enjoyed Singapore Philatelic Museum more than what we expected to experience. They had something for all ages. Harry Potter exhibit will be on till June 2017.  Hurry up and catch em! Have fun! 💋

“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.” –The Goblet of Fire

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