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April 15, 2017
Official Page: http://tickletickle.sg
Address: 93 Hougang Ave 4, #01-04, Singapore 538832 (near Hougang Swimming Complex)

I got a weekend Groupon package. 2 hours for 2 kids at $20.

We were welcomed by the mini restaurant

And mini toyshop

Paopao spent a long time in the toy area. He only left after more kids came who would always take his toys away. He got into fight so I asked him to go play in the slides.

I guess it's normal that playroom is messy. But I couldn't take the mess. So when all the kids ran out, I fixed up the place. OCness!

Paopao had fun trying the caps/helmets.

And he had lots of choices!

And more mess outside the toy area.

And more cleaning.

The boys played together using the musical instruments. Just 5 minutes of togetherness. Peace. Lolz.

My hyperactive Paopao ran around, climb up and down. Until we were too tired to follow him around. Lol.

Not that we can fit on all the holes.

Or that it could carry our weight

Or assure your life after.

Mamon's favorite spot was ball area. He spent a long time playing with all the colorful balls.

Paopao saved Mommeh from the sea of balls!

Mamon also loved the small slides. Perfect for their toddler age!

I'm thankful for this mirror. I don't know if it's intentional or not.  Autistic kids somehow love mirrors. At least Mamon loves 'em.

They got other toys like these puzzles.

And these cars. 

Some of the problems I noticed

#1 There's no area for parents. So the parents are sitting on the corners. See 'em? 

#2 Signage not clear

 #3 the kids didn't really mind the small space but if the place was a little bigger then there would be a better playarea for the toy cars.

By the way, They also have a small party area.

 Rates are:

Mon-Fri (ex PH) 2 hours - $199, 3 hours $289, 4 hours $329
Sat-Sun  2 hours - $259, 3 hours $349, 4 hours $419

But that said, the place was a good place to visit. Auntie was very friendly. She didn't pressure us to leave despite exceeding 2 hours. And the boys didn't want to leave! I think the $20 groupon voucher was worth the money.

Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.

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