Our Top 5 Favorite Eating Place

May 06, 2017
Here's our Top 5 favorite restaurant in Singapore

Our usual criteria. 
- Good food. 
- Affordable
- Child friendly

#1 Xin Wang - Hougang 1

Good food, excellent customer service and affordable price. Plus the fact that its super near our place. It has got to be our number 1.

#2 Swensen's

First on the reasons why is the ice cream and pizza. My Paopao is crazy about them. We also love their promotions! 1-for-1 on weekdays. I'm in. Kids dine for free for weekend breakfast. I'm in! 

#3 Four fingers

My boys are crazy about their chicken! And Paopao loves their dance music. Makes eating so much fun!

#4 Jollibee

I will have to give up our Filipino citizenship if this restaurant is not on the list. Paopao loves their spaghetti while Mamon loves chicken joy! Cheap and delicious!

#5 Wee Nam Chicken Rice

Service may not be amazing but their chicken is. We just have to eat very fast in order to enjoy and stay away. Haha. It's not really an issue because the chicken is sooo good that the boys finish their meal fast. I gotta say it's the cheapest but best food in the Suntec/marina square area.

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