Paw Patrol Birthday

May 22, 2017
So now it's Pao Pao's birthday turn. And for him we chose Paw Patrol as he adores this show.


I got the balloons from AliExpress.


Printed this birthday labels.

Loot Bags

Initially I wanted to use the pop corn containers that I ordered from Ali.  But, there weren't enough (only 10 when there's 14 in the class). And they were too small. So I decided to change it with a personalized loot bag.

I got the blue bags from SKP $7 for 20 pieces. The I printed badges with his classmates names.


I ordered the cake from SweetToothDelights just like Mamon's. Paopao himself picked the design.

Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society. 
- Maria Montessori

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