September 18, 2017
Sometimes you can't help but wonder

Sila na ang nakaagrabyado sila pa ang galit.
Sila na ang nakakadiri pero sila pa ang nandidiri?
Sila ang mali pero sila pa ang may ganang magsabi na titigilan nyo na ba kami?
Sila na ang may utang pero sila pa ang may ganang magkipagbargain?

Like why do these kind of people even exist?

So much hatred. So much confusion. They just don't have any concept of right and wrong.

It's not that you want to talk to them or associate with them. But there are paper works to be settled. Like duh?!

Swerte ka Jasmine! Nakalusot asawa mo. Nagkatikiman malamang pero ok lang yun. :)

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