September 27, 2017

Last week was pretty toxic for us. Mamon was feverish on Monday and had to be isolated at school (means I had to pick him up early). 

Paopao got feverish on Tuesday and had to miss school too. 

By Thu, Paopao had rashes and was not allowed to join class. I had to bring him to clinic and he was diagnosed with Hand and Foot Mouth Disease. 💔 As soon as I finished with his clinic stuff, Mamon's teachers called to say he was feverish again and needs to be picked up. I was dead tired after finishing with Mamon's clinic stuff as I came from 4am shift.

We had to completely isolate the boys from each other so as not to spread the virus. Ate Meh and Mamon locked themselves in the room while I took care of Paopao. Everything had to be cleaned and everything Paopao touched had to be recleaned. The whole weekend was a painful process of keeping them apart.

Luckily today Paopao seems better. Thank you Lord. We survived yet another challenging episode.

It is health that is real wealth.

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