October 18, 2017

So it was my birthday yesterday. Instead of leaving us alone in peace. He decided to sms ask if he could visit today which was a holiday.


#1 I wished he was more sensitive to at least leave us alone on my special day. I mean. Seriously. You don't need to apologize for your past mistakes. Or to celebrate with us. Or to wish me well. Or be guilty of your sins. But at least you could be sensitive and stay away.

#2 He asked if he could come today. The first available time after the birthday. Not even considering that I could be celebrating with my friends. Yes. I have friends.


I didn't really plan anything so I decided to reply him today that's it's fine. But then suddenly a friend messaged and asked if he could come over with his wife. To celebrate the Deepavali and my birthday.

I politely declined as I consider the dad.

Then another friend message to asked if he could come over.

I was about to decline again.

But I stopped myself.


Here I was declining my friends. Considering a person's feelings. That he might feel awkward with other people. That he might think I'm purposely doing this. That he might seriously want to play with the boys.

But that person has no consideration or whatsoever towards me. In fact, he slammed the door on his way out.

So that made me realize. It was a good decision to let my friends come over. They wanted to celebrate with me because it's my birthday. I'm special. I should chose them. And I should not feel guilty about it. Because I deserved it.

Your insensitivity never ceases to amaze me.

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