October 01, 2017

My Paopao is becoming so stubborn and hard to manage. I never trained him to hate the dad despite what he's done to us. In fact, even before I always took it upon myself to push them together (whether the dad admits it or not). Since I'm the disciplinarian, Paopao and I have a love hate relationship. In fact, he says he doesn't like me too often that I think he got it from his dad. I think they both know it's  causing me pain thus they keep saying it. Well. Paopao you can hate me all you want but I will not stop telling you what is right and what is wrong. Pushing your brother off the table is totally wrong and you deserved the face the wall moment. What you don't know is that it hurt me to hurt you. More than you can ever imagine. It was more painful than when you said you don't like me.

I love you too much to let you behave like that.

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