Sumlang Lake

November 04, 2017

Address: Sumlang Lake, P-1 Sumlang, Camalig, Albay, 4502 Legazpi

The lake gave an amazing view of Mayon Volcano (but so did the rest of Albay haha). I think the place is too touristy. Although the entrace is affordable at 20pesos per head with kids below 6 yrs old as free, I still think that it's just worth a one visit. I think the people behind Sumlang Lake had a great idea but still has a lot of work to do. They should do more in order to encourage people to come back rather than have one look and satisfy the hype and never look back.

It was almost too funny that my nephews were so worried about their Jordans getting wet when we road the balsa because, yes, the water comes in. It was also super hot that we asked the balsa guide to just bring us back to the shore.

You need to be an adrenaline junkie to travel with kids.

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