Bama Grill Bar

You can go from Beach front or from road side. The time we went, there weren't other customer. But the crowd was slowly forming as we completed our meal.

Buko Pandan Shake..... Ah. Sinfully sweet.

I had so much more preference with this juice that Mamon had.

The BBQ was not amazing. It tasted more like home made BBQ.

Huge serving of double rice.

Oh Salted Egg. Why do I have to be allergic to you? I love you so.

This grill was GREAT! Fish was fresh and it was cooked just right that the fish was not hard. LOVE!

Calamares was not that great. The squid didn't taste fresh and was on the tough side.

LocationStation 1 Balabag, Boracay Island Malay Aklan 5608
Pax2 adults, 2 kids
Total Cost~SGD $30
Official SiteLINK

Note: 1 lower, 5 highest
Final VerdictπŸ‘
I hate hashtags because they look like waffles.

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