Community Chit Chat

December 08, 2017
As my son studies at the nearby block, they usually offer us to join various community activities. Tried it once during the Sportsfest and we really enjoyed it. So when teacher offered this Madam Tussauds Chit Chat session, we really planned to join.

And it was soooo worth it.

The boys (and all other kids) had a separate classroom. Where they got to watch Moana, do activities like coloring, playing lego or making balloons. And eating! I was impressed that Mamon managed to finished the entire 3-4 hours without any meltdown!

The adult activities where we got to mingle with our neighbors was fun, entertaining and very enlightening. 

Domestic helpers are required to go through a training before they start work here. Perhaps they should require foreigners to attend this session too. It was really very informative. And it was nice to know a few more neighbors.

If every man helped his neighbor, no man would be left with no help.

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