Henann Prime

December 20, 2017
It was raining very hard when we checked in to Henann Prime. The front was flooded so we couldn't cross the street. We took a lift to 2nd floor, crossed through the hotel bridge and to the reception.

The Paopao quickly made himself comfortable by reading the latest news. Seems like he missed out on a lot of information. LOL.

The checkin was very fast. In fact, we were done before we could even drink the welcome drinks. 

The boys let us shrieks upon being welcomed by these elephants in our room.

Okay. The room was definitely smaller than the one we had at Fairways (minus point). The bed was smaller too! Here we only had 1 queen and 1 single (bummer!)

But hey!!!! We got pool access!!

Smaller pool. Yes. But. Pool access just the same. Pretty cool.

Mamon loved the pool!

My talkative Paopao loved the.. toilet! He couldn't get over the bath tub (which hey.. we didn't get to use). He was so amazed. Haha.

It was thoughtful to provide robes and umbrella. The beach slippers were also very much appreciated!

Henann sends housekeeping at least twice in a day. We had observed our room fixed at least twice. 

Location wise, Henann was a very good choice. You can play in the white sand and just walk back to your room. Jump at the pool and change in your room. So much convenience. 

They opened the wall showing the newly renovated side building and everything looked more spacious. Would be fun to come back again next time!

There is no hospitality like understanding.

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