Land Transfer from Kalibo to Boracay

December 18, 2017
I thought Boracay was too touristy (it is) that I tried to avoid it at all costs. But having a lot of leaves left this year, Boracay became a very practical option. And a VERY GOOD option. Watch out for my Boracay series posts (my posts will not be in chronological order as I seem to have lost track of the sequence).

This trip is our first official trip alone as a family. Our earlier trip to Baguio and Bicol were not as scary as we were with my family. This time, it's just us 4. And I'm the only dependable adult. Challenge accepted. Fears faced. More travels to come!

We took direct flight to Kalibo. I was planning of prebooking the land transfer but couldn't decide  which one to take. I found the hotel transfer too expensive (~PHP 2250 per pax one way) and found SouthWest not responsive enough. Upon the advise of my Indian Colleague (yes.. me a Filipino getting advise from an Indian colleague on how to arrange travel in the Philippines 😅 ), I decided not to prebook anything and just take from the airport.

Took Dalisay Transport for PHP 2000 private car, all in. Means all taxes included including escort. It's from Kalibo airport to the resort. I didn't haggle, perhaps it could have been cheaper if I did. I found it cheap enough and didn't want to push it.

If we took a van:
  • Van PHP 220 per pax = PHP 880
  • Env/TAX PHP 100 per pax x 2 = PHP 200
  • Boat Ticket PHP 75 per pax  x 4 = PHP 300
  • Tricycle = PHP 200 
  • Total: 1580

But it would have meant sharing the ride (1.5hours) with many people which is not that ideal considering how Mamon hates crowd. 

So really I think the 2K was price just right.

We were assigned a driver that loved Donna Cruz. LOL. He was playing the old album of Donna Cruz the whole 1.5 hours trip. No complains Kuya. Whatever makes you happy!

There'll be no sunshine in my life

Untill you say your mine oh mine
There'll be no summer, spring or fall
Each day is like winter time
But I can never say I care
I know it won't be smart
Somebody owns your heart
It can never be mine

The land trip, although long, was breathtaking! Kuya took the scenic road. We 4 are long trip lovers. And this land transfer was awesome. Caticlan may seem like a better idea as it's nearer Boracay. But I say Kalibo did not disappoint. In fact, it felt like part of the whole adventure series. And it was.

We didn't have to buy SIM card anymore as last one was still working. We just bought PHP 300 load (~ SGD$8) for unlimited data. I suggest you get SMART as the signal was much better than Globe's.

While tracking our trip, Legazpi seemed so near. 


  • Grab a few drinks or snacks on the small shops opposite the airport before beginning the trip. 1.5 hours is a long time.
  • Get SIM card and data load at the airport. 
If you think travel is dangerous, try routine. It's lethal.

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