A Korean Odyssey : Episode 8

January 21, 2018

Credits. Kjesin

Translation from 1:11
SM: Are you ok? Just now, that was the evil spirit that humiliated Lee Han Joo, right? He seemed to have said something to you. What did he say? What is it? Why are you being like this?
OG: He said you like me.
SM: Nonsense. You know it only say pointless things, right? It's totally not true.
OG: It's totally not true?
SM: Of course. It's totally not true. Don't believe what it said.
OG: Right. I'm definitely not gonna believe it. It said you're gonna kill me. If I think about it, you're the only thing in this world that can kill me. Because if you tell me to die, I will die.
SM: Absolutely not. That won't happen.
OG: Never do that. And don't leave me behind. I'm telling you to not leave me behind and go to another guy. If you do that again, I might die.
SM: All right. Since your heart will ache as long as you're wearing that.
OG: Also, don't get angry at me or hate me. It hurts me for real.
SM: All right. I won't do that.
OG: I love you Jin Sung Mi.
SM: Yes, I know. Thank you.

I fought for someone who wouldn't fight for me.

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