JW Marriott Staycation

Let me begin by saying, Thank You Abbott for this Staycation! No, they didn't pay me. Haha. I got it with the milk powder promo last year.

We went for a weekend staycation at the JW Marriott South Beach.


Booking was a breeze. I sent them email and they replied quite fast. Offered to upgrade us to Club if we top up $100, I figured the room is free so topping up $100 was ok. And guess what? It was the best decision ever.

We got a bigger room. Free extra bed. Whole day access to the lounge. Early Check In. Late check out.  What else can we ask for?


Checking in was a breeze too. I approached one of these counters. The lady asked us to have a seat while she process our checkin. I thought it would take forever. Before I reach the end of the corridor she was done. Lol.


Okay. The elevator was one of our most favorite part of the hotel. How cool that it changes colors and displays different images? My boys were impressed!

The hotel is really new and everything just smelled so NICE!


And here's our room. :D Super clean. Super spacious.

A small sitting area.

And a small corridor going inside. Toilet on the left and closet on the right.

And a small study table.

TV message welcoming us.


Look at that beautiful comfy bed. This is just the bedroom that I want!


The toilet was amazing! I loved it.

The toilet bowl. Lol. Sorry I just loved it. It reminded me of Japan. Love.

The bath salt smelled divine. The bath tub was amazing.


I'm so impressed with the hotel's cleanliness. Quite generous with the bottled water too.

The robes were so comfy! Ate Meh looked so cute wearing them.

Loved that they gave us chocolates when we went back after afternoon stroll. Oh the thoughtfulness!

The toiletries are so amazing. Everything smelled so nice! I wish I tried the spa (I will in the future!!!)


We had Suntec as our view. The boys were so impressed with everything in the room!


The hotel have 2 pools. The 6th Floor hotel is not covered. My issue here is that the changing room is a floor down.


We loved the view and the pool at the 18th floor.

The furnitures were very nice. All looked so comfortable.

I'm not sure if this is normal in other hotels. First time I've seen this. Housekeeping don't need to knock because they got this nifty cabinet. Cool huh?


The view at the 18floor is amazing! Makes one wonder why they all squeeze in MBS while in this hotel its almost empty. Most of the time it's just us at the 18th floor.

Candy Hotel. My Paopao called this as the candy hotel because of the free candies in the lobby, in the lounge and in the restaurant.

Bonus: My Paopao had the best experience of all of us. He was so angry with me when I was forcing him to try the board and swim alone. He was screaming and hitting me the first time. Haha. I persevered and on the last day look at him! He was swimming alone!!! Love love love!

Sometimes the best vacation is a staycation

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