Mabahug Kan Orig

January 24, 2018

During he eruption of Mayon Volcano in September 2014, then Governor Joey Sarte Salceda ordered the forced evacuation of residents from the 8 kilometers (radius from the crater) extended danger zone to the evacuation centers. The activity of the volcano was intermittent so that the evacuees remained in the evacuation centers up to December or almost 4 months. In the evacuation centers of Guinubatan, Camalig, Daraga, Legazpi, Santo Domingo & Malilipot, every family was supplied with 5 kilos of rice per day, all other necessary food, supplies and medical checkup. There were evening movie showing and entertainers such as singers, movie starts and magicians were sent to the evacuation centers for family entertainment.
During the first month, a couple requested to return to their home within the 6 kilometers danger zone. When asked why, the husband said: “MABAHUG KAMI KAN URIG” (we are going to feed the pigs), and the wife nodded to confirm it. But then their young son who probably did not want to be left alone in the evacuation center said, “dai man po baga kitang urig” (but we have no pigs). On further inquiry, the husband confessed that they have no privacy in the evacuation center, and they just need a few moments to be together in bed.
Realizing the problem, Gov Salceda immediately made arrangements with the local hotels and pension houses in safe areas in Albay for free access to couples in evacuation centers needing privacy. He then ordered the production of free passes which must be issued to wives—not to husbands (to ensure no philandering husband would bring a woman other than the legal wife)--as the need arises. Since then, every time there is an evacuation due to the eruption of Mayon, couples are reminded about the "pagbahug kan urig."

Source: Al Baleda

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