Okto Kids Fiesta

January 21, 2018
We had tons of fun at the Okto Kids Fiesta today. Admission was FREE! 

Huge space, but not fully utilized making it an advantage because it didn't make the entire place too crowded.

There were many activities. From coloring.

Then posting your artwork in the wall.

Which Paopao happily obliged with OOTD picture. LOLZ.

There was counting in space.

Math fun in Egypt

The 1,2,3 farm

The boys (okay we too!) loved the free pop corn, cotton candy and milo bars! I lost count how many times Paopao went back for the cotton candy.

Long queue for the popcorn. But as they say... Patience is a virtue!

The Okto mascots were there also to entertain the kids.

Ate Meh and I loved the head band decorating corner. LOL! We were wearing it the whole day even to church. Never mind if we looked weird. We are cat girls!

We tried all games. Mamon even kicked the ball himself! How cool is that. Paopao was so happy with the prizes.

There was one time Paopao missed. He was so sad. In his cutest saddest voice ever, "Mum, I missed." I had to cheer him and say we will practice more at home.

Photo Opportunity!!!

Paopao was so cool with his choice of upside down shades.

I guess they got it from me. Both boys refused to join in the dance/exercise activity at the Upside Down Cafe.

The biggest hit for the boys was the ball pool. We were there for more than 30 minutes! They both kept rejoining the queue!

We got bonus when these youngsters came in cosplay costumes. :D

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Jan 20-21, 2018
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Suntec City Convention Centre Hall 401 - 402 1 Raffles Blvd, Suntec City Singapore 039593
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