Lo Hei

February 23, 2018

Chinese New Year festivities often involve the practice of many traditions – one of which is the tossing of the yu sheng for good fortune. “Lo Hei” in Cantonese, where 捞 “lo” (literally mixing) means “tossing up good fortune”, refers to the ritual adopted in Singapore of tossing the yu sheng and saying of auspicious phrases before eating it. It is popularly believed that the higher the toss, the better your prospects and fortune in the year ahead.
Before the tossing begins, the dish needs to be prepared, usually by one individual who adds the ingredients one by one in a specific order, while the reciting wishes of luck and prosperity evoked by the names of the ingredients used. With the plate placed in the middle, diners stand around the table to toss the ingredients whilst exchanging blessings and words of prosperity. 
The yu sheng dish is made up of thin slices of raw fish and shredded vegetables which are mixed with a variety of seasonings and condiments. Traditionally a simple dish with humble ingredients, the recipe has evolved over time and now comprises a wide variety of ingredients with auspicious meanings.
[SOURCE: https://roots.sg/learn/stories/lo-hei/story]
Each ingredient has a special meaning.
I personally really like the taste of Lo Hei. Add the fact that it's quiet fun mixing it with colleagues.

A younger colleague probably chose the food this year as most were fried. No complains coming from this side haha.

Apart from the food, there were some fun and games. Like this Oranges that we shaped into CNY greetings.

The fortune cookies who were not so positive (I guess the baker was bitter?) Well, one of us got a good fortune. It said you will meet your lover this year. Except that he is happily married. Haha. Perhaps one reptile wants his address.

Been so long since the last time I used Ngopit to write anything in Chinese.

Huat Arh!

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