Giggly Feet

March 18, 2018
Found out that ByKidO members get free membership at Giggly feet, as well as free 2 15-minutes playtime and an hour on the birthday month, so on my off day, I went to take Paopao for a playtime.

The whole place was of modest size but they knew how to fully maximize the place. 

They had mini slides.

Climbing and running area.



Rock climbing

Swing and som rocking horses.

But the mai attraction for this playhouse is the Cassia seeds. I think becoming quite popular these days.

As always Paopao had a lot of fun playing. Personally, I like Cassia seeds better than sands as its less messy. But... a huge but. The problem is that we can't let Mamon play with it as he tends to put stuff into his mouth. Too bad. 

Although it was considered peak season, there were initially only 2 kids before we were joined by a few more (I think around 4-5 kids).

What I like about this playground as compared to all others that we have been? The staff are engaged. They actually play with the kids. We have been to so many playgrounds. And none have been as playful and engaged as the 2 young ladies here. Good well done ladies.

Wish they had a branch nearer to us.


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1 Jalan Anak Bukit, #B1-52B Bukit Timah Plaza, 588996 Singapore
FREE for 15 minutes for ByKidO members
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Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.

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