Gluten Free Diet for Autism

March 18, 2018
I have decided to try full Gluten Free Diet for Mamon. So last weekend, we spent it looking for various Gluten Free food to make sure Mamon has enough variety. Singapore is not the cheapest country to leave in when you want to go Gluten Free diet. But. If this is gonna make a difference in his development then I'm all for it.

For the snacks, I found these Chips from Fairprice Warehouse Club:

These cereals are breakfast items but Mamon can surely eat them for snacks. I've been trying to mix it with fruits to add flavor.

Thank Goodness they have more than honey flavor!

I'll be making him some pastries out of these gluten free flours.

Mamon is almost always with diarrhea so it was good to find an organic gluten free apple sauce.

Oreo is life. And what a delight to find these Oreo like snack. I got this from Fresh Farm.

I'm not the best cook in town and I fear that I won't be able to make him good meals. It's great to have found these condiments from Cold storage.

Gluten Free Butter chicken!!!

And these cubes for flavor! Life!

I also got him Gluten Free skyflakes biscuit and Gluten Free Soy Sauce.

Cold Storage and Jason's also have wide variety of Gluten Free items. I got this loaf.

Will try to upload some recipes as we go along this journey.

Wish us luck! Follow our journey, I will be sharing observations on his behaviour and progress as well as recipes.

Autism doesn't come with manual, it comes with parents who doesn't give up.

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