Going Gluten Free: Day 11: Spaghetti with Minced Pork

March 29, 2018
[Gluten Free Day 11: Thursday]

Instant Oatmeal with Ancient Grains, Quinoa and Amaranth (Apple flavor)
Morning Snacks
Strawberry Cheerios with Dried Cranberries,  Corn Puffs

  • Cook gluten free spaghetti per normal. Drain and Set aside.
  • Saute minced pork and cubed hotdog in onion and garlic
  • Add pure tomato sauce
  • Add a little sugar and pepper
  • Mix with the spaghetti
Afternoon Snacks
Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies, GF Fried Hotdog
Rice with Fried Hotdog (Sounds irresponsible eh? Read below)
Night Snacks
Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2 packs applesauce

I cooked Fried Quinoa with teriyake pork slices but it was rejected. First Failure in our GF journey but is it really a failure? Mamon doesn't say no to food before. Well he does when he's full. But he's never picky. He know have preferences. Isn't that a good thing?

You can't punish a child who's acting out due to sensory overload.

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