My Love Eun Dong

March 24, 2018

From Asian Wiki:
Top actor Ji Eun-ho hires ghostwriter Seo Jung-eun to write his autobiography in 2015. Eun-ho is tense, irritable and difficult to work with, but Jung-eun finds her assignment fascinating because Eun-ho claims he began acting not because he wanted to become a star but because he thought being in the limelight would help him find his first love, Ji Eun-dong. Eun-ho and Eun-dong's complicated romantic history has spanned two decades, and he's convinced that he can never love anyone else. As Jung-eun helps him remember Eun-dong and why he lost her, Eun-ho (whose birth name is Park Hyun-soo) looks back on his memories of her, from when they met in 1995 when he was seventeen.

KDrama is notorious in making the younger versions of the lead better than the real leads that you wish they don't grow up. Or that they extend the childhood scenes. I wish to see these two as full leads in the future. The chemistry was amazing.

I finished watching the series through Netflix but you can also watch the sub version from Youtube.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination.

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