Koi Pond - Changi City Point

April 07, 2018

We love the Koi Pond. For $1 you can buy a plastic for fish food which the fishes and turtles enthusiastically grab. We always spend almost an hour every visit. At first Paopao would just anyhow throw the fish food. Lately, he purposely looks for the turtles. He gets frustrated when the fishes grab it first. The turtle is too slow he says. So he will purposely look out for it. Wait for it to come out then put the food. To make sure it gets it and not the fishes.

I love this in Paopao. I don't know if he notices. But this sense of responsibility of taking care of the slow one is getting into him. I see the Mamon in the turtle. He wants to eat. But the world around him are so fast sometimes he just closes his eyes and hides like how the turtle does when everyone swims around him.

The simple things are also the most extraordinary. Only the wise can see them.

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