Busy Bee

May 08, 2018
Too many things happening at the same time that I become unsure which one excites me most.

Is it moving? Is it going for vacation? 

There’s too many things that I need to do. Work. Family. There’s too many things I want to do. Family. Study.

Many times I wish that I’d win TOTO to pay for all that I need to pay for.  Or that I’d meet one of those charitable billionaires and spare us a million. 

But that’s a dream. Reality is different.

To survive, look at the situation with positive mind. 

Moving? You can chose to be angry for being forced to move or look at it as a chance for fresh start. Free from bitter memories. 

Wrong timing because of work schedule and too many expenses but need to go back for helper’s end contract vacation? Well, you can chose to mop and be angry again. Or look at it as another opportunity. To let the boys go for school break vacation and enrichment classes. A chance for Mamon to try those illusive mB12 shots! And come on. It’s still called vacation.

I’m so really grateful that all thoroughout this journey someone up there continues to guide us. He sends me help during times that I really need it.  He made it possible for us to survive with our happy hearts intact.

One friend said, she will never have children. It’s too much of a responsibility. Well true. But without my boys what am I? Without my boys what will make me happy? My boys are my life.  

Another friend asked me, will you love again? Well. I am in love now. My boys are all I need. My boys have all that I can give. I’m not going to be fair to anyone because I can never love anyone else the same way I love my boys. So no. 

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