May 11, 2018

Sometimes I feel like sharing 'parenting' with a parent who just wants parenthood for show off (and at his convenience) is very tiring.

I'm torn between letting him continue doing what he think he's doing for the sake of no arguement when in fact my heart says it's wrong. There's so much to do on a Saturday than unboxing new toys.


Preparation for Primary School?

I wanted to enroll Paopao for preparation for Primary School but can't because the other party will think I'm taking him away when I'm not. I'm just thinking it would be good for Pao especially that in his current school his full potential is not maximized.

But well. Sometimes you get to be unlucky and deal with this pains that the other party isn't even away or concerned of. It's just pure shear selfishness. The person sacrificed is the child. And it's painful that the very parent meant to provide the best children is the very person causing the hindrance.

I wonder until when do we need to do this. Can't they live happily ever in a far far away land like the fairy tale that they dream of? Then we can proceed with life without distraction. And everyone will live happily ever after. It's really simple. Living the way life should be because of the decisions we made.

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