Festive Hotel Staycation

August 03, 2018
We had an impromptu Staycation because of the change in the painting schedule at home. I was looking for an affordable hotel to stay with my boys through Agoda. As it was urgent everything was over $150 a night. The rooms were too small too. 

My colleague was scammed when he booked through Carousell. So I was apprehensive. But I have booked before and was not a scam. So I thought about it hard. I saw a deal $250 for 2 nights at Festive Hotel! A steal. I quickly contacted the seller and we had a quick deal! Whew! Not a scam. Thank Godness.

We got a Deluxe Room this time. Smaller than the room we had last time we stayed here.

They still had the sofa bed which was good.

This was our view.

A small working area. Because yeah I was working the whole time we were in the hotel. 

It was a fun stay. Room was good size. We didn't get to play a lot as I was on conference call most of the time. But it was  still a good staycation.

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