Pity comes after autism

August 15, 2018

I'm never ashamed to mention my eldest has autism. I don't say it to gain sympathy as well. It's just normal. He has autism. Just a fact. No drama.

#1 I get pity. Ah thank you very much. I know you mean well.  My Mamon is super handsome. Maybe I'm his mom that's why I say it. But my heart really believes it. My eyes too! I'm so in loved with him.My Mamon is super sweet. He hugs and kisses me. He misses me. His eyes lits up with happiness when he see me. It's only with him that I see this organic sense of love. No expectations. Just pure love.

#2 I get feedback that he has something special that you just have to discover. Yes. Maybe. But If he doesn't have it's okay. We're gonna be okay. God knows what's best. He will give us what he thinks is best in his own time. We can wait.

#3 I get shared of stories of individuals they know has autism too. Very informative. Thank you. These kind of information is very helpful to us and very  inspiring too. :)

#4 I get comment that I'm lucky to have Yummy to help me. Indeed. He is God's blessing to me. 

Thank you to friends and colleagues who listen. And advise. And share. My Mamon and I feel loved. I am so glad that autism awareness is becoming more prevalent. 

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