September 23, 2018

I seriously do not need a Thank You. Just a little sensitivity would be really good.

Without being asked, much more appreciated, I continue to give favors. I can choose to stay home and irritate the shit out of him. But I chose to give in and go out. I can choose to say no and not let him come for "visits" because frankly we move schedules to accommodate his "visits". I wanted to enroll my Pao for Primary School Preparation but cannot because I reserved his Saturdays for the "visits".  I seriously consider his "visits" with our schedules. Even if there's no commitment. 

To me that is basic human nature. Consideration. Sensitivity. After all I aim to raise good kids. 

But when you hear your kid say all sorts of things after the short "visits". You begin to question your decision. Then you get asked "can blah blah visit". You begin to think... damn. Abuso?  You know very well that he knows the answer but he asks just the same. Because you know he needs you to say it so he can use it against you. He just needs an excuse. Di sya pwedeng masama. Akin yun. Haha. What's new? Not that the opinion of the other person matters. But come on. Ikaw nga pabigat na magdadala ka pang iba? You should have filtered it and never bothered to ask me. You could have told her Wag na. But no. Lahat ng balls nalulon na ng Butiki.

I personally just wants peace. My plate is full. I seriously do not have time to waste. I have 2 boys to raise. I have Mamon to seriously focus on. I wish those who can't help would just leave us in peace.

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