The Hows of Us

September 28, 2018

Watched this with a friend. Was impressed that it was show here in Singapore as regular screening. And it was really a hit during its first week. Worthy of that "Proud Pinoy" moment.

What I liked
- Graduate from Pabebe to a more mature Kathniel
- Who would have thought that Kath is that sexy
- Daniel is really good looking

What I didn't like
- Why did they have to have so many English lines? Weird. 
- The movie was too preachy

!!! Spoiler Alert !!!
Personally, I realized that my personal experiences have changed my perception of love.  In the movie, Kath accepted Daniel back. Accepted him without a promise to change. Accepted him when he was still jobless. Accepted him as he was again. What did it tell us? It meant she was gonna sacrifice again. This time I bet she will hold back longer because last time she complained (once in 7 years) he left. She will just be abused again. Love. I guess. 💞

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