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September 09, 2018
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Parents of kids with autism will understand this. We want to try anything and everything. Just to have any improvement.

What have I tried?

Gluten Free. We are on Gluten Free diet now.
Early Intervention School. We have been on EIP for almost 4 years now.
Therapies. We had OT, ST, BM.
ABA. One on One. We have tried it.
Probiotics. Check!
Fish Oil. Yes! Since birth.
MB12. Yes. Still on. it.
Young Living Oils. Yes Yes Yes. NingXia too!
Merge them to Normal School. Done that too!
Developmental Pedia. Yes. Nothing but tests.
Go back to the Phil and try it there. Yes. Done that too.
Son-rise. Well. Not necessarily. But we did try to copy him. 
Pray.Yes.Faith. Continues to have faith.

See, What else have I not tried?

Fresh Cell Therapy

I'm really scared of it because it's injecting a lamb's to my son. What if it causes more problem than a help? But My interest was retriggered when a fellow mom sent me this link:

I recalled a TV show featured it a few years back:

The reading was exciting indeed. I went to the point of asking Villa Medica how much the treatment costs. They said it is 9k Euro. Inclusive of pickup to and from airport.

9K Euro is a big amount of money. 

A friend suggested crowd funding. I'm not sure anyone would donate anything to us though.

Another friend says it's just like going on a European tour. Take it as that. And spend the money. It's a gambleworth taking.

I'm almost convinced. 

But 9K Euro is no joke. I have tried a lot with little improvement. So I know the amount of quackery there is out there.

Yah. This is Worth reading.

Still I'm a desperate parent. What if .. just what if it's really true. What is the write is wrong? That it could actually help my child?

#1 Is this really another quack?

#2 I googled Janise Tang Piap. How legit is her testimonial? It looks like she's done it 2012.She's the Country Manager of Villa Medica in the Philippines. That's just sad. Was it propaganda after all? But how is her child now? 6 years later? Well, we are not friends. Haha. But Facebook showed some pictures. Her kid is handsome. But cannot tell from pictures. Anybody knows her?

#3 They keep coming back to Villa Medica. One 9K Euro is a lot. To come back every year (much more twice a year is impossible). Does it mean they are really not good? Because you have to keep going back.

#4 I posted this on FB and one posted a comment and said poor kid. Wow.  I did not look at it at that angle. To me, I was admiring the moms for doing Anything and Everything for their child. I did not think of it at the angle that poor kid. Having to undergo so much. But ... isn't it better than not doing anything?

Your thoughts?

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