Halloween at Woodgrove Woodlands

Some colleagues mentioned that the Halloween Trick or Treat is fun at Woodgrove Woodlands. I thought it was too far. And I really avoid night activities as the boys sleep early. But, No doubt Halloween has become our new favorite event. The boys are at the age that they began to appreciate such events. So I took a risk. Took cab to Woodlands (LOL! I'm allergic to cabs esp at peak periods because it's too expensive... But I saw the anticipation in the eyes of the boys and Ate Meh.. so what the heck!)

First Caution. Traffic Jam! I guess huge part of Singapore came for the event haha. We didn't know the actual location. But as soon as the cars stopped moving, the driver told us to alight and just walk. We knew we were at the right place because many were in costume.

It was not long when we found a carnival.

With no direction and no concrete plan, we just kept walking. Following the crowd.

The crowd kept growing.

This was the first house that were distributing candies. OMG the look on my Paopao when he received his first candy. Priceless!

The residents were so game!  Majority of the houses were really decorated.

Some houses opened their gates. Some distributed while their gates were closed. The crowd had fun collecting candies. I also saw the happiness in the kids distributing the candies to the crowd. It was two way fun. Very very good experience.

This little boy was standing patiently that everyone thought he was just a decor till he moved and scared the other kids.

He was adorable!

Some people set up their own stations. Others were walking around distributing candies.

The costumes were so nice!!! The crowd were so game!

Some look like PROs!

My motherhood skills was put to shame when we showed up with no costume (wait 2019! Prepare for us!)

Look at this siblings.Tide powder and washing machine! Adorbs!!!

That dino was a big hit!

Some came in simple costume but definitely cute!!! Look at that little ghost! :D

My Paopao had so much fun collecting candies!

Super funny that he remembered the houses and refused to come twice for treats haha.

The cutest voice!!! Trick or Treat!!! :D

Great photo ops for everyone!

I loved this chuckie guy. My Paopao got scared of him. He took off his mask and gently said he's just wearing costume. Such kindness. He was a teenager ang moh.

Winners of the scariest characters were

This kid wearing full costume. In the dark he was almost same color as the floor and really he was in character. He was crawling most of the time that he was scary!

These group of Chinese Vampires were scary! I thought they were the scariest.

Until Paopao screamed, "Oh my God Mom! It's Jesus! Did he come to take us all?" Ahaha. I wouldn't have understood why someone would use Jesus costume until Paopao blurted this out. Indeed, this was the scariest! Sorry Jesus. Just having fun. No offense meant.

Thank you Woodgrove Residents. It was such a fun experience!

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