The Wings Transit Lounge

November 30, 2018
All capsule rooms were fully booked and the only available lounge was for couples which does not accept singles. Damn right? :D

I waited 3 hours to get a lounge slot. I was expecting something cozy instead I was greeted with a super cramped room with super low ceiling. There were 7 very tightly placed hard "sofa" bed. They were so close I can smell my seatmates. Haha. Disgusting.  It was hot and cramp. It was also super noisy. The capsule rooms above kept squeaking. It was also quite scary because your seatmates constantly change and you get so worried you will wake up without your stuff. They don't have any locker to protect your valuables for a good night sleep that you hope and pay for.

They had 24x7 coffee and snacks. Basically just sandwich.

The shower was nothing fancy but I was just so glad to have been able to shower after such a chaotic trip.

Capsule rooms are above and lounges are below.

Verdict. I think its ok to come for a quick rest. Just don't sleep because you never know what can happen.

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