Joining the Oily World

January 05, 2019
I have a few friends who like to gift us oil blends. And I really like the smell.

I have also heard of the good effects of NingXia so  Mamon has been having it for a while now. In fact, we are at our 5th or 6th bottle already.

For a while now, too, we have been sleeping with Essential oil not necessarily Young Living. But the last one that I bought, Breathe, was a total disappointment.

Oil was also part of Mamon's school in Bicol. Even they believed on it. He would get a massage before an hour lesson to help him focus. It will not cure autism. But it helps them focus and absorb more knowledge by being able to participate in the class. Very efficient to Mamon.

These plus all other factors made me decide to finally join the YL world. I got the starter pack. My boys and I have been sleeping like babies. Haha. 

I'm new. So I'm still learning. I love peppermint but I was told not to use it at night. Haha. We have been using it at night. Point noted. :D

If you want to become a member of Young Living, drop me a note so I can send you link where my ID will be autopopulated as your sponsor and Enroller.

Hope you enjoy the Oily World as much as we are now. I'm excited to create special blends for Mamon to bring to school. :D  

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