Fort Canning Park

March 12, 2019
I have been at Fort Canning once before for a photo shoot. But I haven't taken the boys and Ate Meh so I decided to bring them here for the weekend.

The entrance near Registry of Marriage was closed thus we took the stairs... and it was not the best idea. Haha. I can still hear my body complaining.

The view was worth the climb. It was beautiful and peaceful.

There were a lot of people just in front of Funan, but upstairs it was quiet and calm. Not many people.

Every part of place is instagram worthy! Ate Meh had so many good shots. She had a great photog. Haha.

The boys had so much fun running around. Yummy picked up a stick and began acting like it was a sword. 

And a cane. Lolz. Helped him in the long walk.

And more stairs to climb.

It wasn't the best time to visit Fort Canning though as they closed the front part of the centre. Perhaps we will be back another time (from another entrance!)


How to get there: We walk from City Hall MRT then exited at the National Museum.

Cost : Free

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