Genting Theme Park Hotel

March 21, 2019
I love it that Yummy has reached the stage when he can help me make decisions! He has so much innocence that you really get what he really wants. He said he wanted to go somewhere cold where he can wear his jackets. The nearest cheapest cold place I know is Genting Highlands.

The Self Check-In Kiosk was easy to use. Do use it as it's much friendlier than the receptionists. 😆

The lobby had a small playground to keep the little ones entertained. And it's instagram worthy!

The corridor had a funky vibe.

The room had 2 big beds which was really good. We pushed them together to make a HUGE big bed!

The TV was decorated so nicely that it was so adorable!

The toilet was a bit of a disappointment. It didn't have a door. It was so awkward. Even with the frosted glass. It still didn't feel comfortable. The whole room was smelly when someone used the toilet because the exhaust fan was not working and there was no door.

On some nights the weather was cool so the small fan was fine. But on one of the nights it was just so stuffy!

The blinds were not sufficient to cover the bright lights coming from the cable cars and the red lights around the building.

I liked that everything seemed to be coordinate. They really took an effort to stay with their design.

Even the fridge was matched through simple decals.

The decals really worked. Everything was too cute.

The mugs were so cute. Except that on one of the days it was so dirty. Like the cleaner never washed them.

Amazing view. Just simply amazing. Being infront of the talking garden was also a big plus. We didn't come here to gamble or go malling. So having this view is just great.

If you're unlucky and they check you in the Valley. Then the walk is loooonger. Good thing they had these floor decals to keep the kids entertained.

  • Noisy. Super noisy. If you are looking for some peace and quiet. This is not the place for you. The guests are super noisy. The doors just won't stop banging. The Muslim church nearby was singing all night long (Karaoke peg lang?!)
  • Too bright. The light at the toilet cannot be turned off. The lights from the cable car was directly in our eyes.
  • Too stuffy. Because there were no aircon the  room tend to be stuffy during summer.
  • Cigarette smell. It's expected because it's casino. But we requested for non-smoking room. But it was so smelly!
  • The toilet issue. No privacy at all!
  • Rude staff. When we checkin the first thing they said was no room at non-smoking floor. Duh?! We had a confirmed booking. Had to call the manager to get us at a non-smoking room. Which still smelled like cigarette! 
  • Very cute design.
  • Huge bed.
  • Amazing view.

  • Push both bed to the end of the platform towards the toilet. You get to avoid the bright light from the cable car and the building decor
  • Cover the sink area with the towels to lower the bright lights below the sink

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